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    8.7 EPPI-Reviewer

    EPPI-Reviewer supports complex analysis for Cochrane author teams and editors. It is an online software application which supports authors in writing all types of systematic reviews. Features include: Reference management Storage, annotation and coding of ...
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    8.8 GRADEPro

    The GRADEPro Guideline Development Tool (GDT) is the software used to create Summary of Findings tables in Cochrane reviews. The GRADE Working Group, Cochrane and Members of McMaster University ensure that up-to-date methods are incorporated, but it is no ...
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    9. Communication

    Discussion lists for CISs The Cochrane community site features a number of email discussion lists. You will need an Cochrane Account username and password to access these lists. The Cochrane Information Specialists' email discussion list. All Cochran ...
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    10.1 Online training

    The Cochrane Library has training resources available via the Cochrane Library Training Hub The US National Library of Medicine provides PubMed tutorials available here. OVID provides tutorials and demonstrations about using Medline and Embase via OVID. S ...
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    10.2 Projects, groups and other opportunities

    The Information Specialists' Portal is a great source of information on professional development. The Cochrane Information Retrieval Methods Group (IRMG) has a remit remit to provide advice and support, to conduct research and to facilitate informati ...
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    11. Key Resources for Cochrane Information Specialists

    Cochrane  induction for new staff This web page provides an introduction to Cochrane and Cochrane reviews. The CIS Support Team The CIS Support team provides induction training, ongoing training and support to all CIS in all aspects of their role within a ...