Evidence synthesis and certainty of evidence ratings in rapid reviews

This webinar, part of the Cochrane Rapid Reviews & Learning Live webinar series, aims to summarize considerations and recommendations on how to accelerate the synthesis of evidence and the certainty of evidence ratings of outcomes included in rapid reviews of interventions.



Presenter Bio

Gerald Gartlehner is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and head of the Department of Evidence-based Medicine and Evaluation at the Danube University Krems in Austria. He is also Co-Director of Cochrane Austria and the Associate Director of the RTI-International – University of North Carolina Evidence-based Practice Center in the United States. Gerald is a co-convenor of the Cochrane Rapid Review Methods Group and a member of the Cochrane Editorial Board. His main professional interests concern comparative efficacy and safety of interventions, screening, and advanced methodologies for synthesizing bodies of evidence. He participates in national and international methods groups that strive to advance the field of evidence synthesis.

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