GRADE Workshop: Grading Evidence and Recommendations - Freiburg, Germany

This course, organised by the Institute for Evidence in Medicine in cooperation with the Cochrane Germany Foundation, is a basic course for authors of clinical guidelines, HTA reports or systematic reviews. The workshop language is German.

Objectives: -

- To understand the basic principles of GRADE methodology, to understand the steps of critical appraisal of evidence and the impact of quality of evidence on the strength of the recommendation.

- To acquire a basic knowledge of the GRADE software (GRADEpro).

- To create an evidence profile for a therapeutic intervention based on a systematic review.

- To understand how the GRADE methodology provides an appropriate approach that includes the requirement for a simple and manageable system as well as the need for a broad integration of all important aspects of decision making.

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Location: Elsässer Str. 2o, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany