Guidance for systematic review authors on how to consider the individual and the population perspective

What is the impact of prevention? What is the impact of reducing air pollution on mortality? And how does this compare to reducing smoking? Or the impact of salt reduction for preventing cardiovascular deaths? The answer depends on the perspective: effects may not be relevant from the individual perspective, but could be relevant from the population perspective when there is an important number of preventable deaths.

In this Cochrane Learning Live webinar, Dr Jos Verbeek will explain how presentation of effect sizes from the individual or population perspective can influence judgments about the importance of these effects and prevention strategies. Verbeek will provide guidance for systematic review authors on how to consider the individual and the population perspective.

This webinar is part of a collaborative Public Health Network project and is aimed at all people interested in systematic review methodology in the field of public and occupational health. It will be of particular interest to Cochrane Systematic Review authors and staff.

Presenter Bio

Dr Jos Verbeek is an occupational health physician and epidemiologist by training. He has been involved in Cochrane from 2004. He is also a methodologist on several WHO environmental health guidelines.

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