Guidelines - The 7th Guideline Development Workshop using the GRADE approach: Seattle, USA

About the Guideline conference

The US GRADE Network organises a three-day workshop designed for guideline developers and systematic reviewers using the GRADE approach.

The workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive overview to strengthen their understanding of evidence assessment and recommendation development and to improve techniques for applying GRADE to their current projects.

About the US GRADE Network

The Guideline Development Workshop is sponsored by the U.S. GRADE network, an entity of the GRADE working group. The U.S. GRADE network mission is to conduct both basic and advanced GRADE workshops to disseminate best practices in guideline development as well as train GRADE methodologists.

The U.S. GRADE network serves as the nucleus for enhanced collaboration with other US-based institutions such as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) supported Evidence-Based Practice Centers (EPCs), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the US Cochrane Center and branches, among others.

This workshop will facilitate the basic principles of guideline methodology, including how to critically appraise the evidence, grade the quality of the evidence, and move from evidence to recommendations by using GRADE.

  • Become familiar with GRADE
  • Create evidence profiles
  • Explore EBM concepts

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