How RevMan Web can improve your experience of writing a systematic review

RevMan Web is a new web-based software for preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews. In this webinar you will learn about the advantages of using a web application, get a walk-through in the application and learn how to start using it to edit your review. 

You will hear experiences from Cochrane community members using RevMan Web and learn about future developments that will improve the review writing process. 

The best thing is, we have a team working hard to make RevMan Web work even better for you. You will be introduced to how you can send in suggestions and join discussions to specify new features so that you can easily impact the development of RevMan Web.

Presenter bio:

Rebecka Hall, Product Owner of RevMan

Rebecka’s job is to act as the node where needs from authors and the Cochrane community, meet the technical experience and innovation of the Review Production Team. The goal is to build software that truly supports authors in the review writing process and correlates with Cochrane's strategy. We achieve this by evaluating value and effort for every feature, releasing frequently and bringing our users into the development loop.

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