How to develop a protocol for a Cochrane review? Tehran, Iran

This workshop covers what is required to design and promote a Cochrane protocol for an intervention review. It will be delivered through a mixture of presentations and small group activities. This workshop will be held in the National Institute for Medical Research Development, Tehran, Iran.

Trainers: Dr Payam Kabiri, Dr Ali Kabir, Dr Manouchehr Karami, Dr Bita Mesgarpour, Dr Hamid-Reza Baradaran

Aim/ Content: This workshop aims to familiarize researchers with various parts of a protocol for a Cochrane review. It covers:

  • Introduction to Cochrane and Cochrane Iran
  • Introduction to a Cochrane systematic review
  • The key parts of a Protocol for a Cochrane review through RevMan
  • Searching methods and developing search strategies for a Cochrane Review
  • Selecting studies for a Cochrane review
  • Assessment of risk of biases in a Cochrane review
  • Standards for REPORTING of PROTOCOLS of new Cochrane Intervention reviews

*Meta-analysis and GRADE will not be discussed in this workshop.

Target group: This workshop is for individuals whom are in the process of or are considering authoring a Cochrane systematic review. It is most suited to authors who already have registered title, but authors who have not yet identified a title will also benefit from the course and will be given assistance to develop a title.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of epidemiology and biostatistics

Enrollment: Enrollment and further information is available here.

Language: This workshop is taught in Farsi.