How to overcome the challenges of reviewing adverse effects

Obtaining reliable information on the adverse effects of health care interventions is important when choosing treatment. However, serious or important adverse effects may occur rarely and they are often not-prespecified or well-reported in the primary studies. This creates major additional challenges for systematic reviewers when compared to review outcomes that evaluate ‘intended or beneficial effects’.

This Cochrane Learning Live webinar provides guidance for review authors on:

1) What are the differences between adverse effects and intended, beneficial effects?

2) How to choose what adverse effects to review?

3) How to synthesize data and evaluate bias when the data are so diverse?

The webinar is presented by Dr Yoon K Loke of the Cochrane Adverse Effects Methods Group (CAEMG).  Yoon is a clinical pharmacologist with 20 years' experience of conducting systematic reviews of adverse effects. He is one of the founder members of the Adverse Effects Methods Group, and author of Chapter 14:Adverse Effects in the Cochrane Handbook. 

The webinar will be of particular interest to review authors who are writing protocols for adverse effects evaluations, and will consist of a 40 minute presentation with questions.

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