How to read a systematic review paper? Hamedan, Iran

This workshop is a part of series of workshops that will be held in most parts of Iran, organised by Cochrane Iran. This series of workshops will include interactive lectures, group discussions, and practical exercises. This is the 10th workshop in the series, which will be held in Hamedan University of Medical Sciences, Hamedan, Iran.

Trainer: Dr. Ali Kabir, Dr Manouchehr Karami

Aim/ Content: This workshop aims to familiarize clinical experts with various parts of a systematic review and its application in clinical decision-making. It covers:

  • Introduction to different parts of a systematic review
  • Designing a systematic review question
  • Steps of conducting a systematic review
  • Potential biases in a systematic review
  • Principles of meta-analysis and interpreting results
  • Critical appraisal of a systematic review
  • Introduction to Cochrane and Cochrane Iran
  • Searching methods and retrieval of systematic reviews

*Methods of writing a systematic review will not be discussed in this workshop.

Target group: Medical specialists and residents

Requirements: Basic knowledge of epidemiology and biostatistics

Enrollment: Enrollment and further information is available here.

Language: This workshop is taught in Farsi.