How study-centric data management in RevMan Web makes systematic review production quicker and easier

From 25 April 2023, Cochrane will be moving fully over to RevMan Web (RevMan 5 will no longer be accessible). RevMan Web has the same familiar layout but is far more intuitive and requires no installation.

There are also key improvements for authors, including:-

  • The impact of published reviews will increase: The way that information and data are inputted and stored means researchers, policymakers, practitioners and other users can access and use our reviews more easily and effectively.
  • A simpler and clearer way to input information: RevMan web supports predefining your review and syntheses PICOs so it is easier to make informed decisions about inclusion and exclusion. You can also import your extracted data from included studies from Excel and Covidence, and can create SoF tables in GRADEPro GDT, with the review automatically updating.
  • A more robust process with less room for error: If you change the data associated with a study in one place, all your analyses that include the same data will automatically update. The data import functionality also does away with excessive cutting and pasting, meaning less room for errors.
  • It will save you time: RevMan Web allows for collaborative working and multiple authors can work on a review at the same time. With a new standardized import and export format, you will easily be able to re-use data between Cochrane reviews.

In this webinar, Rebecka Hall (Product Owner of RevMan), Gert van Valkenhoef (Head of IT Infrastructure and Development) and Ella Flemyng (Editorial Product Lead) will discuss these improvements and the benefits for authors using RevMan to develop systematic reviews for Cochrane or other organisations.

Presenter Bios

Rebecka Hall is Product Owner of RevMan in Cochrane. The last two years she has focused on supporting the RevMan Web team in implementing the new study-centric workflow in RevMan Web to improve how authors manage data in Cochrane reviews. Rebecka studied medical engineering before joining Cochrane in 2017.  

Gert van Valkenhoef is Head of IT Infrastructure and Development in Cochrane. He completed a PhD and several years of post-doc research on the intersection of evidence based medicine and software prior to joining Cochrane in 2016. He leads software development and architecture for Cochrane and has a particular interest in streamlining data flows between tools.

Ella Flemyng is Editorial Product Lead in Cochrane. She’s working on delivering change to the format of Cochrane reviews and data to make reviews more streamlined to produce and easier to use, of which moving to study-centric data management in RevMan is a key area of. Ella worked in open access STEM publishing before joining Cochrane in 2019. Follow her at @EllaFlemyng

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