Identifying Effective Components of Complex Interventions: Component Network Meta-Analysis

In this webinar we introduce component network meta-analysis for the synthesis of complex interventions that can be considered a sum of component parts.

We begin by discussing the limitations of standard approaches for evidence synthesis of complex interventions which either “lump” or “split” interventions. We then discuss methods for categorisation of intervention components, before going on to introduce statistical models for the analysis of the relative efficacy of specific components or combinations of components. The methods respect the randomisation in the included trials and allow the analyst to explore whether the component effects are additive, or if there are interactions between them. We illustrate the methods with a range of examples including CBT for depression, electronic interventions for smoking cessation, school-based interventions for anxiety and depression, and psychological interventions for patients with coronary heart disease.

This webinar is intended for those interested in evidence synthesis of complex interventions. The second presentation requires some understanding of statistical modelling.

Presenter Bios

Nicky J. Welton, Professor in Statistical and Health Economic Modelling (University of Bristol), Director of the NICE Guidelines Technical Support Unit. Nicky leads the Multi-Parameter Evidence Synthesis research group at the University of Bristol, is Director of the NICE Guidelines Technical Support Unit, and a member of the NICE technology appraisals committee. Her research interests focus on methods for evidence synthesis in health technology assessment including: network meta-analysis, complex interventions, survival curves, bias adjustment, and value of information analysis.

Dr. Deborah M. Caldwell, Senior Lecturer in Public Health (University of Bristol). Co-convenor of Comparing Multiple Interventions Methods Group and Deputy Director of the NICE Guidelines Technical Support Unit. Deborah's research interests focus on innovative approaches to evidence synthesis to inform decision making in health, particularly as applied to complex interventions and systems. She was a member of the WHO Expert Working Group on synthesis of complex interventions and is Co-Convenor of the Cochrane Comparing Multiple Interventions Methods Group. Her substantive areas of research interest include maternal and child health, and prevention and treatment of mental health disorders.

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