An introduction to prospective meta-analysis (PMA)

This webinar is aimed at researchers who want to learn about how prospective meta-analysis (PMA) can help their research. The session is for anyone who is interested in or conducting systematic reviews, or who is planning future primary research and would like to explore collaborative opportunities. The session will cover:-

  • An introduction to the concept of PMA
  • Is PMA the right methodology for your research?
  • A step-by-step guide on how to conduct a PMA
  • Illustrative examples of PMA
  • Other 'Next Generation' systematic review approaches

Presenter Bios

Dr Anna Lene Seidler and Kylie Hunter are Associate Convenors of the Cochrane Prospective Meta-analysis Methods Group. They have expertise in collaborative methodologies to improve evidence synthesis, and lead a number of large collaborations incorporating these methodologies, such as the iCOMP Collaboration (assessing cord management strategies for preterm birth) and the TOPCHILD Collaboration (assessing early interventions for the prevention of obesity in children). 

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