Masterclass: Systematic review and meta-analysis in anaesthesia: London, UK

A joint workshop between the British Journal of Anaesthesiology and the Cochrane Anaesthesia, Critical and Emergency Care Group to introduce participants to how systematic reviews and meta-analyses should be performed.

The workshop will be useful for anaesthetists who are already involved in research, or are planning to do so. Post FRCA Specialist Registrars and Lecturers will find this meeting to be particularly appropriate to their needs since knowledge of methodology in systematic reviews is very useful when making decisions in clinical practice or writing guidelines at any level. Even if actual research is not undertaken it is considered essential for trainees to acquire an understanding of research methodology so that they are able to critically appraise research reports in the literature.

Teaching sessions will address: what is a systematic review, including title generation, literature search, data management, interpretation of results and how, and when to perform a meta-analysis.

Group sessions will allow participants to: provide criticism of a published research paper; design a systematic review; detect common pitfalls in analysis and interpretation of data.

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Royal College of Anaesthetists, London, UK

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