Medicine and the Media Course: Melbourne, Australia

The Monash University School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine is running a Medicine in the Media Course on Saturday 25 November, which is open to all symposium participants with an interest in this area. In this one-day interactive course, participants from both academic and journalism backgrounds will work together to identify important barriers to communicating health research findings to the general public. The paradigm of evidence-based medicine and how it can be used to enhance reporting will be highlighted, using recent case studies of optimal and imbalanced reporting. Small group sessions will engage journalists in tasks designed to explore evidence-based approaches to reporting, while researchers and academics will cover tips for better engagement with media such as how to stay on message, avoid being misquoted and steer away from difficult areas.

Mock interviews of academics by a prominent health journalist will be staged to demonstrate useful media techniques, and safe and effective use of social media tools to convey your message will also be discussed.

Where:  553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
Cost:  $299 (incl GST)

For more information and registration visit Monash short courses