Meta-analysis of joint longitudinal and time-to-event data

In many areas of medical research, interest lies in outcomes repeatedly measured over time (such as monthly blood pressure measurements, cognitive assessments, or biomarkers) and the time until some event of interest occurs (such as time until death). This type of data is known as joint longitudinal and time-to-event data, or joint data.

Joint data can be obtained from multiple different studies in a meta-analysis.
In this webinar Dr Maria Sudell will give an overview of current methodology
and software to perform aggregate data meta-analyses, and individual patient data meta-analyses of joint longitudinal and time-to-event outcomes.

This webinar will assume some statistical training, and some basic knowledge of longitudinal and time-to-event data. The webinar is organized by Cochrane Statistical Methods Group, with the support of Cochrane Membership, Learning and Support Services.

Presenter Bio

Dr Maria Sudell  is a MRC Skills Development Fellow based at the Department of Biostatistics, University of Liverpool. She is interested in developing methodology and software for the analysis of joint longitudinal and time-to-event data collected from multiple potentially heterogeneous data sources, such as for individual participant data meta-analyses.

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