Meta-analysis of time-to-event data

Time-to-event data, such as time to death or time to first seizure, are commonly used outcomes in medical research to summarise the length of time taken for a particular event of interest to occur. In this webinar, Catrin Tudur Smith will explain how to undertake a meta-analysis of time-to-event data.

Methods for analysis of time-to-event data need to account for both the time to event and any related but unobserved events. Meta-analysis of time-to-event outcomes can be undertaken using data extracted from trial reports using a variety of different methods that will be described in this webinar.

This webinar is organized by the Cochrane Statistical Methods Group, with support from Cochrane's Membership, Learning and Support Services. The 1-hour webinar will consist of a presentation, questions and answers, and a practical exercise that participants will be able to complete offline, at their own time. The solution to the exercise will be provided after the webinar.

Presenter bio:

Catrin Tudur Smith, Professor of Biostatistics, Department of Biostatistics, University of Liverpool, UK; Co-convenor of Cochrane Statistical Methods Group

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