Mixed Methods Systematic Review and Searching the Evidence Courses: University of Leeds, UK

This course, jointly organised by the University of Leeds and the EPPI-Centre UCL, will explore the current thinking on approaches to mixed methods systematic reviews. Mixed methods systematic reviews combine qualitative and quantitative evidence to answer complex applied health and public health questions. These methods are becoming increasingly important as we seek to understand why interventions may have different results for different people in different situations. Participants can attend all three days, or just the mixed methods course or the evidence search workshop.

Mixed Methods Systematic Review Course

Following this two day course participants should have a strong understanding of:

• The key concepts of mixed methods systematic reviews
• Methods for searching the literature for mixed methods reviews
• Methods for synthesising qualitative and quantitative research

Searching the Evidence Base Workshop

An additional one day computer-based workshop to develop:

• A strong understanding of best practice search methods for mixed-methods reviews
• Practical skills in search techniques, strategies, resource selection and managing 1000’s of references with EndNote.

Who the course is for?

The three day course is for you if you have had in-depth training and/or conducted a systematic review (either quantitative or qualitative) before. The mixed methods course is not suitable for those who are new to systematic reviews.

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