Network Meta-Analysis Course: Sydney, Australia

How to understand, appraise and write a network meta-analysis

Associate Professor Andrea Cipriani from Oxford University leads this 3-day interactive course along with international Network Meta-Analysis experts Professor Georgia Salanti and Professor Toshi Furukawa.
The course is designed for clinicians, researchers and policy-makers interested in evidence synthesis and comparative effectiveness. This is a popular, established course that has been run five times at Oxford University, UK. For the very first time, this course will be available in Australia.

Network meta-analysis (NMA) is the latest evidence synthesis tool. NMA provides a framework to analyse and compare multiple interventions. The field is evolving rapidly and clinicians, researchers and policy makers are increasingly required to understand and use NMA.

Researchers at Neuroscience Research Australia are hosting the course in Sydney in November 2018.

The course features:

  • Introduction to key concepts and purpose of NMA
  • Introduction to assumptions of NMA
  • Guidance to developing NMA research questions
  • Theoretical foundation to analysis
  • Practical workshop learning of analysis in STATA and R
  • Determining confidence in the evidence from NMA
  • Writing and peer review of NMA manuscripts
  • Opportunity to share project ideas
  • Real examples (design, project management, peer review) from an ongoing Cochrane review.

The course will be delivered in an informal, hands-on environment. The material is a mixture of lectures and practical workshops.

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