NMAstudio: a fully interactive tool for network meta-analyses

In this Cochrane Learning Live webinar, NMAstudio will be introduced, a novel online tool to facilitate the production and visualization of the main network meta-analysis outputs, in a fully interactive environment. More specifically, NMAstudio is a free web-application that provides a direct connection between a customizable network plot and the network meta-analysis outputs. Using a real network of interventions, a live demonstration will be provided to show how NMAstudio works in practice.

This webinar is intended for a broad audience of end-users interested in undertaking a network meta-analysis.


Presenter Bio

Silvia Metelli is a Marie Skołodowska-Curie Individual Fellow at the Inserm Research Center in Epidemiology and Statistics, Université de Paris. Her research lies in the fields of dynamic networks and network meta-analysis. At present, she is developing methods for outlier detection and complex interventions in network meta-analysis.

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