Online Course for systematic reviews and meta-analysis of prognosis studies

We would like to draw your attention to our upcoming online and comprehensive course on systematic reviews and meta-analysis of prognosis studies.

Accessible throughout the world and at your own pace.

Personalized, precision or risk based medicine is all about prognosis. Hence, primary prognosis studies, e.g. on (new) prognostic factors, biomarkers, tests, models, or other prognostic tools, are hot and very prevalent in the literature. The number of primary studies evaluating prognostic factors, (bio)markers and models is literally rising per day. Systematic reviews and meta-analysis to synthesize the evidence of all these primary studies is even hotter and more needed for patients, healthcare professionals and clinical guideline and policy makers.

Reviews of prognostic studies are much more challenging because of more variation in questions & designs, specific sources of bias & variation, and more complex statistical meta-analytical models. Researchers within and outside the Cochrane have made much progress in developing guidance regarding the design, searching, data extraction, critical appraisal, statistical analysis and reporting of systematic reviews of prognosis studies.

In this course, experts in the field and in close collaboration with Cochrane Netherlands will illustrate this new guidance and tools.

The course consists of web lectures, individual assignments, group discussions, and computer exercises.

Date: 20 November 2017 to 10 December 2017
Location & Time: Fully flexible!
Accreditation: 1.5 EC

Registration and further details here 

*Please note Cochrane is currently managing the gradual introduction of Reviews of Prognosis. These reviews are undertaken on a case by case basis to ensure we have expert capacity and support for these reviews. We also await the publication of Reviews of Prognosis Exemplars. Please contact Jackie Chandler if you have a prognostic question of interest.