RevMan for non-Cochrane reviews

RevMan for non-Cochrane reviews
RevMan for non-Cochrane reviews


RevMan Web for non-Cochrane reviews

RevMan Web is now available, on a subscription basis, for the creation of non-Cochrane reviews or other evidence synthesis work.

For information on how to subscribe, contact

Key RevMan Web features

With RevMan Web you can:

  • Generate meta-analyses and forest plots
  • Use the calculator tool to assist in data entry
  • Structure and store study data
  • Collaborate on writing the review article
  • Access and use previous review versions
  • Set up and manage review projects for intervention reviews, flexible reviews, overview reviews, methodology reviews
  • Use “study-centric data” 
  • Organize your team’s portfolio of reviews

Guidance for using RevMan Web is available in the Knowledge Base

RevMan 5 for non-Cochrane reviews

RevMan 5 is the desktop version of the software used for creation of non-Cochrane reviews. However it is unsupported and will be withdrawn at a future date to be confirmed.

If you are not working on a Cochrane Review, you should run RevMan 5 in non-Cochrane mode for best performance.

We can only offer RevMan 5 support to registered Cochrane authors. However, there are online resources available to help you learn to use RevMan 5 and to trouble-shoot common problems.

The RevMan 5 user guide contains comprehensive guidance on all RevMan functions.

Our support FAQs provide solutions to common problems with installation and other issues.