RevMan for non-Cochrane reviews

RevMan for non-Cochrane reviews
RevMan for non-Cochrane reviews


RevMan Web for non-Cochrane reviews

RevMan Web is now available, on a subscription basis, for the creation of non-Cochrane reviews or other evidence synthesis work.

For information on how to subscribe, contact

Key RevMan Web features

With RevMan Web you can:

  • Generate meta-analyses and forest plots
  • Use the calculator tool to assist in data entry
  • Structure and store study data
  • Collaborate on writing the review article
  • Access and use previous review versions
  • Set up and manage review projects for intervention reviews, flexible reviews, overview reviews, methodology reviews
  • Use “study-centric data” 
  • Organize your team’s portfolio of reviews

Guidance for using RevMan Web is available in the Knowledge Base.

Cochrane is releasing RevMan Web for non-Cochrane reviews in two phases:

  • Phase 1 – from June 2022: institutional subscriptions for organizations seeking centrally managed access to the tool (access enabled by seat allocation).
  • Phase 2 – expected Q1 2023: 
    • institutional subscriptions on an unlimited-use model (any individual associated with a subscribing institution will be able to create a review)
    • subscription by individual users.

RevMan Web is now available by subscription to government and commercial organizations. Availability for academic institutions is expected to come on stream in phase 2.

Terms and conditions for subscriptions to RevMan Web for non-Cochrane reviews: Download

Cochrane RevMan Web data security overview: Download

RevMan 5 for non-Cochrane reviews

RevMan 5 is the desktop version of the software used for creation of non-Cochrane reviews. However, it is unsupported and will be unavailable for download after April 25, 2023. 

If you are not working on a Cochrane Review, you should run RevMan 5 in non-Cochrane mode for best performance.

We can only offer RevMan 5 support to registered Cochrane authors. However, there are online resources available to help you learn to use RevMan 5 and to trouble-shoot common problems.

The RevMan 5 user guide contains comprehensive guidance on all RevMan functions.

Our support FAQs provide solutions to common problems with installation and other issues.