Live demo and Q&A

Live demonstration and Q&A sessions
Live demonstration and Q&A sessions

Live demo and Q&A sessions (and available recordings) for Cochrane's Editorial Manager system. 

These sessions are intended for: Managing and Assistant Managing Editors, Information Specialists who are involved in the editorial process, Editorial Assistants. 


Session content Recording
Handing over content to Central Editorial Service Watch the recording 
Introduction to Editorial Manager 1: System introduction, editorial process overview Watch the recording
Introduction to Editorial Manager 2: Group roles, adding content from Archie Watch the recording
Introduction to Editorial Manager 3: Handling new submissions and editorial checks  Watch the recording
Introduction to Editorial Manager 4: Peer review Watch the recording
Your CRG's move to Editorial Manager: Coordinating Editors Watch the recording
Using Editorial Manager/Convey to collect author Declarations of Interest  Watch the recording 

Drop-in session Wednesday 6 July 2022

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Drop-in session Wednesday 15 June 2022

  • Central management of proposals from authors to conduct new reviews -- Download slides

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Watch recording (pm)

Drop-in session Wednesday 11 May 2022

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Drop-in session Wednesday 30 March 2022

  • Handling new submissions

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Drop-in session Wednesday 16 March 2022

  • Registering new titles
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Drop-in session Wednesday 2 March 2022

  • Inviting authors to submit / Menus and folders

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Drop-in session Wednesday 16 February 2022

  • Copy edit and publication (production)

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Drop-in session Thursday 25 November 2021

  • Copy-editing and publication (production)
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Drop-in session Thursday 18 October 2021

  • Assigning an editor
  • Automated reminder emails to authors and other contributors
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Drop-in session Thursday 28 October 2021

  • Asking an Editor to check peer review comments
  • Returning peer review comments to authors in the EM decision email
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Drop-in session Thursday 21 October 2021

  • Running custom reports
  • Setting up an email schedule for reports
  • Amending Convey DOI lists when authors are added post-submission
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Drop-in session Thursday 7 October 2021

  • Assigning and responding to Information Specialist tasks (co-hosted with CIS Support)

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Drop-in session Thursday 23 September 2021

  • Importance of using Assign to Myself as a first step for every submission
  • Sharing notifications if you have multiple MEs in a group
  • Title registration 
  • Review templates
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Recordings (AUS/NZ)

Session content Recording

22 September 2021

  • Convey: send reminders to authors to complete CoI form
  • Reports: search for Article Type
  • How to locate title when running a Simple Search
  • Using Details link, History link, & Flags to see the status of a review
  • Discussion versus Peer reviewer versus Assign Editorial Task to complete a task
  • How to change Handling Editor, e.g., when the Managing Editor is the Corresponding Author
  • Forward emails sent outside of EM and save in History
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29 September 2021
  • Use Discussion to communicate with CIS. 
  • How CIS uploads search files to File Inventory.
  • How to check a reviewer’s role before assigning task.
  • How to uninvite reviewers.
  • After inviting a reviewer, see how they respond to an invitation.
  • How to deal with collated PR comments.
  • If a review title is not yet onboarded, Initiate Proposal and add files while waiting for draft to be submitted.
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6 October 2021
  • ME Reports & how to filter them.
  • Use Send Email link for CIS to attach search results to authors.
  • Check correct CIS role is assigned, i.e., Information Specialist Editorial Staff.
  • Ad Hoc emails available.
  • Explanation of differences between the tabs i.e., Editorial, Proposal, Task.
  • Explanation of Due Date on reviewer invitation letter.
  • Using Discussion during the editorial process. Editor Consultation versus Review Consultation. Discussion Topics template Type.
  • How to deal with title change between submissions.
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13 October 2021

  • How to edit emails to remove the spaces and (weird) returns.
  • How to withdraw a duplicate proposal (before and after an author has been invited).
  • Unable to find Article Type for onboarded titles
  • CIS roles & related permissions.
  • Deep link not ‘live’ in task email.
  • Using a group email address if a CRG has multiple MEs (Handling Editors).
  • Authors can edit their own contact details in EM.
  • Explanation of author contact details in EM versus RevMan. When co-authors names added to a submission, they receive an email to verify their authorship. If they don’t already have a Cochrane account, the verification process has them create a Cochrane account.
  • Explanation of Send Reminder Letters.
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20 October 2021

  • Change submission date for a resubmission
  • Can we streamline Initiate Proposal in a CRG with multiple MEs working in EM?
  • How notify authors their revised draft is ready for peer review.
  • How to submit a RevMan file to EM after editing it, before sending out for peer review.
  • Creating a fake Editor account so CRG with multiple MEs log into one ‘joint’ account.
  • How to deal with CoI forms in Convey if co-authors have not been added to first submission. 
  • Explanation of colour-coding in Editor’s Menu
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27 October 2021

  • ME is an author but receives notification that draft has been peer reviewed by a [named] reviewer. How to resolve?
  • Responses inserted in the tick boxes in PR comments form are not included in the collated reply at the bottom of the form.
  • PR forms should be updated next month to improve the forms. 
  • Consumer reviewer form is designed differently to peer reviewer form. Consumer reviewer comments are collated under each question.
  • How to Edit Reports and understand them.
  • Where to view the questions on the peer reviewer form.
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10 November 2021

  • Editing Status Report
  • How to proxy as peer reviewer to submit comments received outside of EM on their behalf.
  • How to change the Handling Editor in View All Assigned Proposals.
  • How to remove incomplete submissions
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1 December 2021

  • How to save Searches commonly used and save the search to your Dashboard.
  • Opening multiple tabs to view multiple screens.
  • Sending the Details screen URL to send to other people to view Details screen, e.g., to prompt people to view a particular paper.
  • Other tips to work in EM, e.g., set Reviewer preferences.
  • Explanation of ‘Search Similar Articles in MEDLINE’ quick link when in Reviewer selection Summary view.
  • Add notes to a person’s record using ‘Person Classifications’
  • Reports available on Tasks Menu.
  • Explanation of what sits in My Pending Assignments in Editorial Menu.
  • NMA review type – how to send PR comments to authors when comments already received outside of EM.
  • Copy-edit process.
  • Under what circumstances are attachments auto saved in File Inventory?
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