Blogshots (Social media adverts)
Blogshots (Social media adverts)

Blogshots are one image that summarises the results of a Cochrane Review. They are useful for social media, because they give a snapshot of the results and try to entice the reader to find out more.

Producing blogshots

Cochrane UK have produced a comprehensive guidance document for producing blogshots and a quick checklist for those who regularly produce them. Key points include:

  • Deciding when a Cochrane Review is appropriate for a blogshot
  • Considering your audience: Who is the blogshot for and what is important for them to know about the Review.
  • Templates: can be found in the Cochrane community brand resources, just download the zipped folder containing the templates in your Group's colours.
  • Photos: advice on how to use photos and where to find them.
  • Language: what information is needed in each of the different blogshot sections and using plain language appropriate to your target audience.

More about blogshots:

  • A "dissemination deep-dive" that investigates the world of blogshots in more depth and includes some useful tips for Cochrane groups.
  • A blog about Cochrane UK's experiences with blogshots.

Translating blogshots

Several Cochrane groups translate blogshots into their local language. Instructions on how to translate blogshots can be found here.

More about translating blogshots:

Storing blogshots

All Cochrane Review blogshots in all languages should be stored on the "Cochrane Dissemination Products" Dropbox to allow people to find, translate and share them more easily. If you need access to upload a blogshot please contact Karen Head (

The central Dropbox folder is organized by Product type and then by Cochrane Review Group. This information sheet provides more details on how to find, label and upload final versions of dissemination products to Dropbox. 

Sharing blogshots

Blogshots can be shared widely across social media accounts. Send the Dropbox link of your blogshot, along with a suggested tweet for dissemination, to:

  • Muriah Umoquit (, Cochrane's Communications and Analytics Officer, for inclusion in the weekly Comms Digest
  • The Managing Editor of the Review Group who have authored the review

You are welcome to share blogshots that are available in the central Dropbox. If you find a blogshot which is out of date, please contact the group who created it.


‘Vlogshots’ are an extension of blogshots. They are essential a set of slides presented as a short video, either with, or without music and/or commentary. This blog post provides more details about them and how they might be used.

All vlogshots should be archived in the same Tumblr archive as blogshots.

Here are some examples of vlogshots: