Prior to Webinar

Follow the 5 simple steps below to help you get started with organizing your webinar!

STEP 1Book you webinar session 

To book a webinar session fill out the Book a webinar session form to ensure your webinar is registered with Cochrane Training. Once your form is submitted someone from the Cochrane Administration team will get in touch with you with and provide further details to set up your webinar.


STEP 2: Log in to your account

Go to to log into the account to set up your webinar. Select "use my company ID" option located on the bottom of the log in page. Using the log-in information provided by Cochrane, log in to GoToWebinar to start your set up.




STEP 3: Schedule your webinar

To schedule a webinar locate the "Schedule a Webinar" button located on the left hand navigation panel or at the top of "My Webinars" page.

Here, you can enter the details of the webinar. For example, enter a title, description, time and date of your webinar. Once you have finished entering the details of your webinar you click "Schedule", where then you webinar will be available on "My Webinars page", where you will also find and be able to manage all your webinars.


STEP 4: Customize your webinar

To manage and edit your webinar (change time, date, add logo etc.) locate "My Webinar pages" tab and click on the webinar you wish to to manage. From there, select the "Edit" option beside the information you wish to change.



STEP 5: Invite participants to your webinar

To invite guests to join your webinar ahead of time, select the webinar you have newly scheduled and select the "Share" tab. Select the method of invitation you wish to invite your guests (email, copy information, social media etc.)


Additional tools to help you customize your webinar: