RA2: The Methods Section of the Protocol workshop: Oxford, United Kingdom

Cochrane UK run workshops designed to help people prepare and update Cochrane Systematic Reviews. There are four core workshops (RA1, RA2, RA3 & RA4) to help authors at different stages of review preparation, from beginning a review protocol through to completing the review. 

This workshop (RA2) is usually run on the day following RA1, so authors can choose to take the two days in succession or as stand-alone courses. This day is designed to help authors further develop their protocol, introducing them to searching for studies, study selection and data collection procedures, risk of bias, and analysis topics which require planning at the protocol stage. The day contains activities which enable authors to reflect on their own protocol and time to work in RevMan.

This workshop is suitable for those who:

  • have attended workshop RA1, or have completed the Background and Objectives sections of their protocol
  • want to write the Methods section of their protocol
  • want to understand the basics of meta-analysis methods

The following will be covered:-

  • Searching for eligible studies
  • Choosing eligibility criteria
  • Data collection and management
  • Risk of bias
  • Introduction to meta-analysis methods
  • Introduction to heterogeneity

This workshop comprises lectures and both individual and group practical exercises. Handouts of slides used in the lectures are provided.

By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • understand search methods and liaise with their Group’s Trials Search Coordinator to complete the search for their review
  • design a data collection form and manage the data extraction process
  • understand the rationale and basic methods of meta-analysis
  • understand potential sources of clinical and methodological heterogeneity in their review

More information and registration is available here