Rapid reviews from the ground up

This webinar is the fourth in a series that Cochrane Learning Live is running in partnership with GESI: the Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative.

Valerie King from Cochrane's Rapid Review Methods Group will present an introduction to rapid reviews for those familiar with systematic reviews and have little to no knowledge about rapid reviews. More seasoned participants can hear about the new guidance. ​Learn what rapid reviews are, what we know & don’t about them, and how they compare with systematic reviews. Be the first to hear about new guidance developed through the WHO Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research on the conduct and use of rapid reviews to inform health policy-making.

Agustín Ciapponi, Director of the Argentine Cochrane Centre IECS – Institute of Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy, Buenos Aires, Argentina, will then present on the Experience on Rapid Evidence Synthesis of an Argentinean HTA agency and Cochrane Centre. IECS is an Argentinean HTA agency, that provides reports to public institutions, social security and private insurance entities. Since 2012 it has produced rapid (4-8 weeks) and ultra-rapid HTA reports (up to 3 days), aiming to solve coverage problems. These documents are based on focused search strategies in meta-search engines and online biomedical literature databases, to identify systematic reviews, clinical guidelines, HTAs, coverage policies, and selected primary studies. IECS reports methods, differences in conclusions, the amount and direction of the evidence included in ultra-rapid and rapid-HTA and the decision-makers satisfaction with them.

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