Reaching an overall RoB judgement and incorporating RoB assessment into analysis and interpretation

This is the seventh webinar in our RoB 2 Learning Live series, which will discuss how an overall RoB judgement is reached and how this can be incorporated in the analysis. Examples will be used to illustrate some of the possibilities.

This session is intended for people who are interested in using RoB 2 to assess risk of bias in their review. In addition to review author teams, CRG editors can learn about reaching an overall RoB judgement so that they are able to assist authors with any queries they may have and also ensure information included in the review for this domain are relevant.

Presenter Bios

Jelena Savović is Senior Research Fellow in Evidence Synthesis in the University of Bristol’s Department of Population Health Sciences and Evidence Team Lead at the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration West. Jelena is an epidemiologist with expertise in evidence synthesis. She contributed to the development of several risk of bias tools, for randomised trials (RoB 2), non-randomised studies of interventions (ROBINS-I) and for systematic reviews (ROBIS). Her empirical work exploring the sources of bias in randomised trials informed the development of the Cochrane risk of bias tool and the revised RoB 2 tool.

Alexandra McAleenan is a Senior Research Associate in the University of Bristol’s Department of Population Health Sciences. Under the supervision of Professor Julian Higgins, she is currently performing both diagnostic and prognostic systematic reviews in brain cancer. She has a keen interest in sources of bias in randomised and non-randomised studies of interventions, particularly quasi-experimental studies. Alexandra is working on the ongoing development of ROBINS-I, prior to which she contributed to the development of RoB 2. Alexandra gained a PhD in Molecular Biology from Imperial College London in Professor Luis Aragon's research group. She holds a MBiochem from the University of Oxford. Outside of work, Alexandra enjoys learning circus skills, and has developed a new love of cross-country skiing.

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