Regulatory Data Workshop: reflections and experience from the Tamiflu and Relenza Cochrane review

The use of regulatory information for research synthesis

Facilitated by: Tom Jefferson & Kamal Mahtani

Journal publications of randomised controlled trials (“literature”) have so far formed the basis for evidence of the effects of pharmaceuticals and biologics. In the last decade, progressively accumulating evidence has shown that much of the literature is affected by reporting bias. This has evident implications for the reliability of any decision based on literature or its derivatives such as research synthesis.

A recent survey has shown that only 10% of Cochrane reviews make serious efforts to search for and include unpublished material. Given the growing realisation that these form a potentially biased evidence base, we may need to develop explicit methods for including regulatory material in systematic reviews. But is it feasible or worthwhile?

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Participants are asked to bring their own laptop with pdf reading capability. A wireless connection will be available.
All materials and refreshments are included in the course fee £155, Medical and Health Science Students discounted rate of £115 available.  Numbers are capped to encourage small group learning, 

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