Cochrane Standards for preparing Plain Language Summaries

Every Cochrane systematic review includes a short summary of its findings in plain language. This document provides draft standards for these summaries to support those involved in writing and editing Plain Language Summaries. 

These standards have been developed by the PLEACS Committee : Plain Language Expectations for Authors of Cochrane Summaries.

The PLEACS standards are useful to anyone involved in contributing to authoring of Plain Language Summaries, including Consumers, who are often asked to assist in writing summaries to make sure they are clear and easy to understand.

After using this resource, you should be able to...
  • Summarise attributes of reporting considered either mandatory or highly desirable for plain language summaries of Cochrane Intervention Reviews
Author information: 
McIlwain, Catherine; Santesso, Nancy; Simi, Silvana; Napoli, Maryann; Lasserson, Toby; Welsh, Emma; Churchill, Rachel; Rader, Tamara; Chandler, Jackie; Tovey, David; Becker, Lorne; Gyte, Gill; Synnot, Annelise

Prepared by Plain Language Expectations for Authors of Cochrane Summaries (PLEACS) Committee