MECIR standards for trainers [webinar]

Introducing new MECIR Standards for trainers

The Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR) standards specify methodological expectations for Cochrane Protocols, Reviews, and updates of reviews on the effects of interventions. This methodological update webinar was presented by Toby Lasserson from Cochrane’s Editorial Unit as part of Cochrane's Trainers' Week 2016.  Toby introduced the latest updates to MECIR, considers best practice and where the standards fit in the review lifecycle, and offers guidance and points of support for trainers looking to underpin and embed MECIR in the learning they deliver.

You can read more about the MECIR Standards here.  You can follow Toby on Twitter @tlassers

The webinar is available to view below in three parts:

  1. MECIR: brief history and background
  2. CEU review screening and use of MECIR
  3. MECIR: new developments

A PDF of the slides from the webinar is also available for download.

Part 1 MECIR: brief history and background

Part 2 CEU review screening and use of MECIR

Part 3 MECIR: new developments



Author information: 
Lasserson, Toby