Strictly Cochrane: a quickstep around research and systematic reviews

This interactive resource takes you on a tour around a systematic review, explaining the difference between systematic and non-systematic reviews, and the importance of keeping reviews up to date. You’ll be introduced to some commonly used research methods, such as meta-analysis and reporting findings using forest plots.  You’ll also find out how research can sometimes be biased and how to judge whether what you read is trustworthy.  

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After using this resource, you should be able to...
  • Recognise publication bias and Cochrane’s activity in addressing this
  • Explain the purpose of a meta-analysis
  • Identify a forest plot

Strictly Cochrane

Author information: 
Caroline Struthers

This module was produced by Caroline Stuthers with support from Cochrane Dementia Group.  A full list of acknowledgements is included on slide 11 of the presentation.