TaskExchange: a new hub for Cochrane Consumers

This video, originally part of the Learning Live webinar series, introduces the TaskExchange platform to consumers and patients, carers and other non-scientists who may be interested in being involved in producing Cochrane evidence. TaskExchange is an online platform that connects people working on evidence synthesis projects with people who have the time and expertise to help. Dr Emily Steele introduces TaskExchange and demonstrates to consumers how to use the platform to find projects that suit their interests and skills. The Consumer Network plans to increasingly collaborate with TaskExchange in promoting consumer opportunities, and these resources are a chance to hear more about this approach. This webinar was organised on behalf of the Consumer Network by the Membership, Learning and Support team, and the team behind the TaskExchange platform.

The webinar was delivered in December 2018. Below you will find the video from the webinar, together with downloads of the presentation slides and a transcript of questions and answers [PDFs].

Presenter bio:

Dr Emily Steele is the TaskExchange Community Engagement & Partnerships Manager, and holds the equivalent position for Cochrane Crowd, Cochrane’s citizen science platform. She holds a PhD in epidemiology, a Masters of Public Health and began her career as a physiotherapist. She is also an avid nature-lover, handloom weaver and book worm.

Webinar host:

Richard Morley is the Cochrane Consumer Engagement Officer. Richard supports the engagement in research of a growing community of healthcare consumers (patients, carers, and the public), and Cochrane groups and authors who wish to involve consumers in producing and disseminating Cochrane evidence.


Author information: 
Steele, Emily; Morley, Richard