Using Blogshots for knowledge translation [webinar]

Sarah Chapman (Knowledge Broker) and Jack Leahy (Communications and Engagement Officer) from Cochrane UK present this series on how to make, share and measure the impact of blogshots for knowledge translation.

Blogshots and knowledge translation (KT): where have they have come from and how have we developed them? What do we put into them? What are the challenges? What benefits do they bring? How to make them, share them and measure their impact. 

This webinar, part of the Cochrane Learning Live series, is for anyone interested in innovative approaches to knowledge translation and specifically creating and/or using blogshots to share evidence.

The webinar was delivered in January 2017. Below you will find the webinar in three parts:

  1. Introducing blogshots
  2. How to make a blogshot
  3. Sharing blogshots and measuring impact

You'll also find the slides from the presentations [PDF] as well as links to companion resources.

Please note: a decision was made after the video production to change to the position of the blogshot title in order to move it away from the blogshot image. The remainder of the video is still valid.

Part 1: Introducing blogshots

Part 2: How to make a blogshot

Part 3: Sharing blogshots and measuring impact

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Author information: 
Chapman, Sarah; Peahy, Jack; Watts, Chris