Webinars: support and resources

Cochrane's Learning and Suport Department use the GoToWebinar for hosting all our webinars. This online webinar platform is for Trainers and Central Executive Team staff to support you in using the platform to host webinars, virtual classtooms and other interactive events with up to 100 people in a secure and cost-effective way. 

What is a webinar?

Put simply, a webinar is presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is conducted over the internet.  Webinars can be used to deliver distance learning in many different ways; for example:

  • to teach short sessions on topics of interest to Cochrane authors and other external participants;
  • for internal training in new Cochrane tools and policies;
  • for discussions within entities or working groups on current developing issues;
  • for informal support group discussions at a distance.

Support and resources

No matter if you're looking to host a webinar or invited to particpate in one, Cochrane Training has gathered the resources you need to help you get started:
  • Tips on hosting an effective webinar - Running effective and engaging webinars takes careful thought and planning. Check out our resources on making your webinar go smoothly and be a great experience for learners.
  • Using GoToWebinar platform - If you're interested in using GoToWebinar platform to run your webinar, please in the first instance contact the Learning and Support Deparment [Please note: This doesn't cover suggestions or scheduling Cochrane Learning Live webinars]
  • Running a webinar - You've organised your webinar, now how do you run it on the day? Find out here.
  • Participating in a webinar​ - If you are registered to attend a webinar, what can you expect on the day?  Information here about joining, from you PC or mobile phone.
  • Cochrane resources - We have a webinar slide template for presetations and an Organisers' Checklist to help you run your webinar. Download these at the bottom of this page.
  • Scheduling webinars - Information for organisers on scheduling webinars on the GTW portal [admin teams only]

Contact and support

We're here to help! If you've got questions about booking your webinar, or need advice on planning and running a great webinar session, please contact us.

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Cheng, Jessica; Watts, Chris