RevMan Web: a practical guide for editorial teams

This webinar is for Managing Editors, Assistant Managing Editors, Editorial Assistants, Information Specialists, Copy-Editors and other members of editorial base staff, and is an essential guide to working with reviews that are available in RevMan Web.

RevMan Web is the browser-based version of RevMan. There are more than 400 reviews available in RevMan Web, and every review group has at least one review available on the online platform. This webinar provides essential advice on using the software - both as an editing tool and in conjunction with Archie. Whether you use RevMan Web for your day-to-day editorial work, or are a beginner, this practical session will guide you through how to manage the editorial process when a review is available in RevMan Web.

This webinar will enable you to:-

  • View the latest version of a review in RevMan Web
  • Find out which of your group's reviews are available in RevMan Web
  • Understand the similarities and differences between reviews in RevMan Web and RevMan 5
  • Edit and amend a review in RevMan Web
  • Find and use the guidance and support available for RevMan Web users
  • Answer basic author queries

This webinar will be run by members of the Community Support and ME Support teams. There will be a focus on practical working and opportunities to ask questions.

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