RoB 2: Editorial considerations

This is the ninth webinar in our RoB 2 Learning Live series, which will discuss good practice in reporting of reviews using RoB 2. Common issues will also be highlighted and addressed and exemplar reviews will be presented. We will demonstrate how RevMan Web is used to present the results of RoB 2 assessments and how the final product will look in the Cochrane Library.

This session is intended for people who are interested in undertaking a systematic review using RoB 2, or who are actively developing a protocol for a review or working on a review that intends to use RoB 2. In addition to review author teams, CRG editors and methodologists will also be able to learn about editorial considerations and good practice.

Presenter Bios

Kerry Dwan is Methods Support Unit Lead and Statistical Editor in the Cochrane Editorial and Methods Department. She also co-leads the RoB 2 pilot within Cochrane.

Rebecka Hall is Product Owner of RevMan. Rebecka’s job is to act as the node where needs from authors and the Cochrane community, meet the technical experience and innovation of the Review Production Team. The goal is to build software that truly supports authors in the review writing process and correlates with Cochrane's strategy. This is achieved by evaluating value and effort for every feature, releasing frequently and bringing users into the development loop.

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