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    Meet the Trainers

    Meet the Trainers Trainers’ Week opened with introductory Meet the Trainers sessions, hosted by ... [PDF] from the Meet the Trainers sessions. Welcome message from Co-Chair, Lisa Bero [YouTube link] Many ...
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    Covidence [webinar]: Helping your team get started using Cochrane's new online tool

    Helping your team get started with Covidence Covidence is Cochrane’s new online systematic review ...
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    Cross-cultural team working within Cochrane

    This resource reviews some of the key issues relating to international team working within ... in a face-to-face context or through remote team working.  Understand the factors that influence ... successful cross-cultural communication and international team working Maximise your effectiveness when ...
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    3.4 Using the CRS to manage searches for author teams

    Information specialists can use the CRS as a bibliographic management tool, in similar ways to software packages like EndNote and Reference Manager. References found for a particular review can be imported to the Group’s segment, collated, deduplicated an ...
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    Trainers' Week virtual conference April 18- 22, 2016

    webinars Meet the Trainers Trainers’ Week opened with a chance to meet and greet other Trainers' ... the pilot project. Download materials and info about the session here   Covidence: Helping your team ... support your team with adopting this new review tool?  Anneliese Arno ...
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    9. Communication

    information about the IS Executive including a list of the current team, a link to minutes of meetings, and ... Newsletters The CIS Support Team produce a Digest approximately monthly to flag up information of interest to ...
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    Get to know RevMan Web – the new review writing tool

    RevMan. Rebecka’s job is to act as the node where needs from authors and the Cochrane community, meet the ... technical experience and innovation of the Review Production Team. The goal is to build software that truly ...
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    Policy surgery- Q&A

    review policy? A. DTA peer review is subject to the same policy. As with CRGs, the DTA editorial team has ... be talking to the DTA team (as with all CRGs) to ensure that they have the support they need to ... or if the review teams cannot demonstrate sufficient capacity, expertise, or resources ...
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    ACTIVE: Authors and Consumers Together Impacting on eVidencE

    applications, or meeting rules and procedures. Interview people who have been involved – as authors or consumers ... a review team who has: involved people in a review, or in part of the review process used particular ...
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    Training Innovations Fund winner: Cochrane ClassMate

    meeting the needs of Cochrane’s learners.   Cochrane ClassMate was considered by the Fund’s independent ... the Project Transform team behind the Cochrane Crowd  project. Trainers will be able to use Cochrane ... Cochrane ClassMate route will be subject to ongoing evaluation by the project team to ...