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    Involving People: A learning resource for systematic review authors

    in the production of your reviews (including Cochrane Consumers: patients, their families and carers, ... 'How to' guide on engaging consumers & patients in systematic reviews Involving ... experiences, and links to case studies and examples of good practice. You will need a Cochrane ...
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    Cochrane Information Specialists' Handbook

    This Handbook was updated by Anne Littlewood and Charlene Bridges, Cochrane Information Specialist ... Support Team, 2017. We acknowledge the earlier contribution to this document of: Liz Doney (Cochrane ... Information Specialist Support Team / Cochrane Skin Group) Lynn Hampson (Cochrane ...
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    Consumers webinar: Consumers for the Terrified- Exploring new ways of involving consumers in the work of Cochrane

    survey results Health Talk Consumer learning modules (pathway on Cochrane Training website) ALOIS  (a ... anyone interested in sharing and learning about ways of involving consumers in Cochrane.  The webinar ... initiatives and activities: Exploring new ways of involving ...
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    What's in a 'Summary of Findings' table?

    Cochrane Consumers and Communication group. There's also more comprehensive information on the ... Cochrane Training  GRADE approach to evaluating the quality of evidence pathway. ...
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    Good practice resources for new Cochrane authors Details of upcoming workshops can be found at, or you can contact your ... While working on your Cochrane Protocol and Cochrane Reviews you may find it helpful to use or ... related ...
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    Consumer engagement and contribution [videos]

    These short films feature Cochrane consumers, authors and others talking about engaging consumers ... and the benefits of including the consumer voice in Cochrane's work.  The videos are part of ... further information about Cochrane's ...
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    Involving consumers in Cochrane reviews: learning from the ACTIVE project

    help review authors involve consumers within systematic reviews. This Cochrane Learning Live webinar ... resources about the active involvement of consumers in systematic reviews to create learning resources to ... a Cochrane systematic review Conference poster 2: Successfully involving ...
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    Policy surgery- Q&A

    Policy surgery- Q&A The following questions and answers have been derived from the Cochrane ... Cochrane Editorial and Methods Department) and Anupa Shah (Managing Editor Support of the Cochrane ... Editorial and Methods Department, Managing Editor of Cochrane Eyes and Vision). ...
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    Consumer involvement

    [November 2017] Richard Morley, Cochrane Consumer Co-ordinator Pauline Campbell, ACTIVE project  [click here ... for accompanying materials] Involving consumers in Cochrane reviews: learning from the ACTIVE project  ... the work of Cochrane  [April 2016] Richard ...
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    An introduction to Consumer involvement in systematic reviews

    This guide, which has been prepared by the Cochrane Consumer Network, gives an overview of the ... Consumer role in Cochrane, together with an introduction to the strucutre of a systematic review, and ... interested in participating in the review process. Explain the Consumer ...