Second Cochrane Work webinar on stress in healthcare workers

Location:  Zoom video conference

The next Cochrane Work webinar will be about the review Preventing occupational stress in healthcare workers.

The event will take place on September 28th at 15:00 EEST. Read their latest newsletter for instructions on how to sign up.

Cochrane Work are keen to discuss their ideas on splitting the review into at least three parts according to interventions. They note: Should the new titles follow our current categorisation of CBT, relaxation and organisational interventions? It would be good to have intuitively understandable new titles. For example cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) doesn't necessarily say anything to someone without psychology studies. The same applies to organisational interventions. Would it be better to have something like: "Work schedules for reducing stress in healthcare workers"? These are some ideas we want to discuss. Along with the results of the review of course.