Software to Support the Systematic Review Process - York, UK

YHEC, in association with the Systematic Review Toolbox, are running two workshops at The University of York to provide an overview of selected software tools currently available to support the production of systematic reviews.

Systematic reviews can be time consuming, logistically challenging and labour intensive. These and other challenges have led to the development of various special-purpose software tools to support the systematic review production process. Such tools extend beyond the scope of more established general-purpose systems (e.g. reference managers, word processors and spreadsheet packages), which are already in wide use and, instead, aim to provide tailored support for particular review activities or the whole systematic review production process.

These two linked workshops will provide an opportunity to learn about special-purpose software tools currently available to support systematic reviews and to share experiences of using software in practice. The workshop will be led by Dr Chris Marshall, the editor and developer of a community-driven web-based catalogue of systematic review tools, the Systematic Review Toolbox.

Note that participants can register for one or both days.

Day 1: Software Packages to Support the Systematic Review Process (6 October): including both commercial and not-for-profit systematic review management packages including Covidence and EPPI-Reviewer (both free for Cochrane authors) and DistillerSR.

Day 2: Software Tools to Support the Systematic Review Process (7 October): including a range of free and commercial tools to tackle single tasks within the systematic review process such as Rayyan, RobotReviewer and CitNetExplorer.

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The University of York, UK

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Alicia Wooding, Training Coordinator,