Systematic Literature Searching: Introductory and Advanced Courses (in German) - Freiburg, Germany

Day 1: Introductory Course
The introductory course offers introductions to evidence-based medicine, the basics of literature search, literature management, and Cochrane and its databases as well as hands-on tutorials on searching MEDLINE in Pubmed and in The Cochrane Library.

Day 2: Advanced Course
The advanced course offers presentations on databases and sources for medical literature, the use of search filters, searching in study registers, and the planning and budgeting of literature searches as well as a hands-on tutorial on searching MEDLINE in Ovid. Participants need to have a basic knowledge of medical literature search.

The 2 days may be booked together or individually.

- Anyone wanting to learn how to systematically and efficiently search for medical literature in MEDLINE and other databases
- M.D.s, authors, medical librarians and other information specialists and anyone else who needs to search for medical literature
- Team members of a systematic review or clinical guideline

- Understand the fundamental principles of systematic literature searching and gain an overview of relevant databases
- Learn to use different functions in Pubmed and Ovid, for example MeSH terms, limits, clinical queries, Boolean operators and the history
- Use and practice the theoretical content in hands-on tutorials led by experienced searchers

The workshop language is German and organised by Cochrane Germany

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