Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis: Bristol, United Kingdom

Course details

Venue: School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol

Fee: £880.

Who the course is intended for

This course is designed for clinicians, researchers, public health specialists and other health care professionals who want to perform and/or critically appraise systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The course predominantly covers systematic reviews of healthcare interventions, with some material being equally relevant to systematic reviews of other topics. Towards the end of the course, special sessions examine issues in systematic reviews and meta-analyses of observational studies and diagnostic test accuracy.

Course aims and objectives

By the end of the course participants should be able to: 
•    explain the need for systematic reviews and meta-analyses;
•    list the important aspects of a systematic review;
•    perform a comprehensive search for relevant literature;
•    assess the risk of bias in a randomised controlled trial;
•    explain the basic methods of meta-analysis;
•    use Stata software to perform meta-analysis;
•    describe issues in conducting systematic reviews of observational studies;
•    summarise the findings of a systematic review or meta-analysis;
•    critically appraise a systematic review.

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