Systematic reviews and meta-analysis of intervention studies: Utrecht, The Netherlands

This two-day workshop, organised by Cochrane Netherlands, aims to teach participants how to set up and carry out a Cochrane review on interventions. The course is intended for people who, in the context of Cochrane, are planning on writing a systematic review of interventions or are working on one. In addition, those who haven't written a Cochrane review and want to learn are also very welcome.

After successful completion of the workshop, participants will:-

1. Know the various steps involved in conducting a systematic review of interventions;
2. Be able to write a protocol for an intervention review;
3. Be able to frame the review question and define criteria for inclusion and exclusion of studies;
4. Understand the principles of conducting sensitive search strategies for RCTs;
5. Be able to assess the risk of bias of RCTs (Cochrane’s risk of bias tool);
6. Be able to perform meta-analysis of RCT results by the use of RevMan;
7. Be able to explore heterogeneity in study findings;
8. Be able to construct Summary of Findings Tables and to assess the certainty of the evidence with GRADE;
9. Be able to interpret and present the results.

Further information on the content of the course

See here.

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