Systematic reviews of quantitative and/or qualitative evidence - Leuven, Belgium

The KU Leuven Methodology of Educational Sciences Research Group and the Centre for Sociological Research organize a multi-disciplinary workshop designed to provide faculty, PhD, doctoral students, editors, reviewers and other researchers in the area of Educational, Behavioral, Social Welfare and Healthcare sciences with the fundamental background and skills required to conduct a systematic review of qualitative or quantitative evidence, evaluating the feasibility, appropriateness, meaningfulness of particular interventions or programs, inventorying the experiences of people involved in  treatments, interventions, or therapies or exploring the lived experience of people having a particular disability, disease or living in difficult circumstances.

The workshop is organized in collaboration with the Cochrane Qualitative Research and Implementation Methods Group.

The course will be conducted in English. Participants should be able to read and understand original, qualitative research papers. Particular experience in the conduct of systematic reviews is helpful, however it is not a prerequisite for participating in this course event.

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Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Van den Heuvel Institute, Dekenstraat 2, 3000 Leuven.

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