TaskExchange: Information, questions and feedback


Cochrane’s TaskExchange is an online platform for better using the global Cochrane community in supporting the production of our reviews, connecting people who need help with their Cochrane reviews with people who have the time and expertise to help.  

Trainers’ Week provided an opportunity to find out more about TaskExchange, including how to get involved, ask any questions that you might have about the platform, and – most importantly – a chance for trainers to share any feedback and bright ideas about how TaskExchange and Cochrane Trainers might support each other.

Find out more about TaskExchange

You can find the beta version of TaskExchange platform at: taskexchange.cochrane.org. From there, you can browse the platform, including the network of contributors and the tasks that have been posted. You can also sign up to be involved.

For more information download this useful infographic [PDF].

Ask a question, share your ideas or leave feedback

Tari Turner who leads the TaskExchange project, is available to consider the training persepective on TaskExchange. Tari is available to answer your questions and hear your ideas and feedback.

There are a couple of ways to contact Tari:

Send an email to taskexchange@cochrane.org

Tweet your questions or thoughts to @task_exchange using the hashtag #cochranetrainersweek