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If you are a contributor to Cochrane, or thinking about becoming one, this site provides access to a range of resources to meet your training and support needs. Currently, the resources are mostly aimed at providing support to authors of Cochrane reviews and also to lay contributors (often referred to as "consumers"). The resources include online modules, slide presentations, recorded webinars, information about Cochrane workshops all over the world, and links to essential handbooks and guidance.  If you are new to Cochrane, click here for information about how to get involved with our work.

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Cochrane Online Learning ModulesGRADE / Summary of Findings TablesResearch, reviews
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Cochrane Register of Studies Online
Twelve modules that introduce the core skills and methods required for new authors of Cochrane reviews of interventions. Training materials for authors of DTA reviews can be accessed here.A series of seven presentations introducing the GRADE approach and explaining how to create Summary of Findings Tables.Find out more about clinical trials, systematic reviews and how to make sense of research through a series of interactive learning modules.Now available to all Cochrane constributors, this is a real-time version of CENTRAL with great new features designed to aid the discoverablity of evidence for Cochrane Reviews.

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