The following resources provide opportunities for training and learning in the methods required to write a Cochrane systematic review. Materials are available in a range of formats and cover both intervention reviews and reviews of diagnostic test accuracy studies. The resources are primarily designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the core methods used in most Cochrane reviews.

If you are a registered author with a username and password you can also access the Cochrane Community and find policy and procedure documents, the authors' discussion forum and more 

Would you like to become a Cochrane review author? Click here for more information about standard requirements and making contact with Cochrane.

For individual support on your review, please contact your Cochrane Review Group or your nearest Cochrane Centre.

What's it like to be a Cochrane author?

As part of the Cochrane20 anniversary videos, authors from around the world describe their experience of getting involved in writing Cochrane reviews.

The complete playlist can be found on our 20th Anniversary website and on YouTube.

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