Introduction to systematic reviews: a pathway

This set of online learning modules was developed by Cochrane in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth. The modules are designed to help you work through all the key topics needed to complete a Cochrane Systematic Review, along with some more advanced topics. They include presentations, interactive exercises and links to further reading.

Please note: Access to the Introductory module is open. Access to the remaining modules is limited to Cochrane contributors with an Archie login account.

The order of the modules broadly corresponds to the order in which topics are taught in Cochrane face-to-face workshops. However, since each module is a discrete unit, it is not necesary to work through them in order. Material in modules is frequently cross-referenced to material in other modules to help users target their learning needs.

Each module is split into several smaller sections that can be accessed independently, thus allowing users the flexibility of accessing particular topics without having to go through the whole module.

To select a module and begin working through the pathway, click a link below.