Collecting data


Once all the included studies have been identified, the next step is to collect all the required data from each study. The slidecast presentation gives guidance on how to go about collecting data, and what kinds of data should be collected.

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A checklist of items to consider when collecting data and good practice data collection templates (updated in April 2012) are available to download. The data collection templates have been developed by the Cochrane Editorial Resources Committee, and can be adapted to suit your Cochrane review. Many other examples are available - check with your Cochrane Review Group if they recommend using a specific from.


After using this resource, you should be able to...
  • Decide what data should be collected from the studies included in a systematic review
  • Identify the elements of the 'Characteristics of included studies' table in RevMan
  • Create and use a data collection form
  • Minimise the risk of bias in data collection

Collecting data - slidecast

Author information: 
Cumpston, Miranda

Approved by the Cochrane Methods Board on 18 October 2010.

Compiled by Miranda Cumpston, based on materials by the Australasian Cochrane Centre.