Covidence is one of Cochrane’s recommended tools to support you in some of the most labour-intensive stages of your systematic review. Covidence allows your team to upload search results, screen abstracts and full text, complete data collection, conduct risk of bias assessment, resolve disagreements and export data into RevMan or Excel. We think you’ll find it easy to use and genuinely helpful in easing the workload. Covidence is free to use for all Cochrane authors, and you can log in using your Archie account.

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Support is available to help you get started with Covidence:

  • Training: A series of webinars is running during 2017, including regular introductory sessions as well as forum discussions for users to ask questions and learn some more in-depth features. Check our schedule for coming webinars, or see a recording of a past webinar.
  • Covidence Knowledge Base: Demo videos, answers to frequently asked questions and more can be found online in the Covidence Knowledge Base in English or the Base de conocimientos in Spanish.
  • Support: You can send any questions to, or by clicking one of the contact links within Covidence.

If you're working on a more complex review, you may also be interested in EPPI-Reviewer, also recommended and available free to Cochrane authors. EPPI-Reviewer also supports study screening, data collection and risk of bias assessment, as well as analysis, and includes advanced features such as narrative synthesis, qualitative analysis and text mining.

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